King's Daughters Home

Life At The King’s Daughters Home

As you enter the foyer at The Kings’ Daughters Home, you are greeted by the classic elegance of the winding Victorian staircase and the spacious living room with its two marble fireplaces and antique furniture. However, very quickly one senses that this carefully maintained 1865 Victorian home is tempered with a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere. At one end of the living room, a small group may be at the piano while at the other end, a group talk or discussion may be going on. The spacious kitchen allows the director to prepare well-balanced, home-cooked meals. These are shared twice a day in the large dining room which also becomes a good gathering place for quiet study or friendly fellowship. There are accommodations for nine to twelve young women with options including private and semi-private rooms on the second floor and a large, quaint third floor dormitory style area with its own bathroom, accommodating four women.