King's Daughters Home



Aimee had the following to say about her experience living at the King’s Daughters Home in 2005:

Moving away from home is always an experience that creates a mixture of emotions but making the transition here gives you a sense of comfort and independence.  Living at the King’s Daughters Home has become an experience that I will never forget.  I have created a bond with the other girls and the Directors that will last a lifetime.  God has surely blessed me with this opportunity.

Her advice to other young women who may be considering living at KDH:

Being a college student is a constant battle and in many ways living here is like having a support group.  They will share in your happiness and comfort you in a time of need.  Living on campus or in an apartment you are not given the chance to live in an environment that is always safe and when peace and quiet is needed it may not be an option.

Glison lived at KDH for 3 years while attending Husson University’s Physical Therapy doctorate program, graduating in 2013.

Living at King’s Daughters Home provides wonderful opportunities to meet new friends.  I have been able to get to know young women from different states, countries, cultures, career-paths, and educational backgrounds.  This household is dynamic, and people are often coming and going; even though there is a stable, peaceful home-life, there is much opportunity to learn and grow by meeting new people.  I have been blessed to share my faith, my background, my hopes, my dreams, and my burdens with caring friends here, and I have enjoyed many laughs and good times together.  I am thankful to have made so many fun memories an good friendships.

For any woman who desires to have a peaceful, supportive and fun home where she can feel God’s love from others, enjoy a quality home-life and have opportunities for new friendships, adventures and personal growth, I highly recommend King’s Daughters Home over any alternative.